Fannin County’s EMTs and Paramedics are based at three of the area fire stations. They respond to approximately 3,400 calls each year and provide training classes in first response and CPR. They are also cross trained as fire fighters. Their mission is to provide the best quality of care for the citizens of Fannin County and they do one heck of a job.

In today’s society people give little thought to what they would do in case of an emergency. If asked, most people would automatically say, call 911. But have you ever stopped to think, what if there was no 911 and no emergency services? It would be rather terrifying to think that you or someone you know could be involved in an accident, or be having a heart attack and there was no one to call for help.

Emergency Medical Services, or EMS for short, not only provide an actual service, they also provide something often taken for granted, a certain peace of mind. While they are merely humans who have chosen to make a career out of helping people in need, there is something almost angelical about seeing them pull up when there is an emergency. It is a sense of relief that can be felt by all, no matter how serious the situation.

They do a job that requires split second decisions in often extreme situations. A job that most of us would not want to be responsible for. They see people at their very worst, and things that would harden even the kindest of hearts. Yet they do the job for very little pay and mostly with very little praise. So perhaps in a way they are angels, and aren’t we glad that angels of this type really do exist!

These fine men and women deserve our appreciation, so don’t wait until you need them to say thank you. Send a card or a note to your local EMS office and let them know that we are glad they are there for us.

Fannin County EMS Contact Information:
181 Church Street
Blue Ridge, Georgia

Do you want to volunteer?

It’s easy and you can volunteer to work just a few hours a month. Don’t have the training? No worries! Almost anyone can take photos, organize fundraisers, or raises publicity for the organization.

If you want to volunteer as an actual EMT you should check the specific requirement. Certification can take anywhere between two weeks and a full semester.

NOTE:  Pull over to the side of the road when you hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching. Each year we lose an inexcusable number of Emergency Response Personnel to senseless accidents that could have been prevented if people would just move over. Help to keep our EMS and their patients safe. Remember it could be someone you love in the back of that ambulance and every minute counts.

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