The Fannin County Fire Department is served by local volunteers. There are approximately 120 volunteer firefighters and two paid officers registered with the county. There are 14 stations to cover the 385 square miles of mountainous terrain. Each station serves the community it is located in, but they also work together when needed. Most of the fire stations were built by and are manned by the people of the communities they serve.

Each volunteer must go through specialized fire training before they can become a certified member. Many of the volunteer firefighters also undergo specialized training in rescue and response services. Such as, swift water rescue, mountain wilderness rescue, and hazardous material response. Most have also completed a first responders course. The training they receive is much the same as that of larger fire departments.

Fannin County’s beautiful mountains and vast wilderness areas are viewed by many as a blessing, however these blessings can be quite a hindrance to firefighters. With more and more people choosing to build vacation and retirement homes, away from the local communities, firefighters are having increased difficulties responding to calls. Many of theses homes are being built on the tops of mountains, or out long and steep dirt roads. The challenge is often related more to the time and the difficulty it takes to get to the home, than the firefighting itself.

Fannin County Fire Department Contact Information:
342 West Main Street
Blue Ridge, Georgia
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Please note that the Fannin County Fire Department depends greatly on contributions from the public for purchasing new equipment, apparel, engines, and supplies. These brave men and women donate their time to help citizens in their time of need, so please help them to have the best equipment available to do the job. Support your local fire department with a donation today.

If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, please contact your local Fire Department for more information.